Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Shambles of the Brambles

For some time along Cherrywood Road the footpath has been over grown with brambles, stinging nettles & bushes.

I contacted Rushmoor Borough Council to ask that the footpath be cleared because it had become dangerous for pedestrians who were now having to walk in the road. I also pointed out that the dropped curb area had become so over grown that it was unusable.

I was told that there was no work schedule for this area to be cleared! I then pointed out the dangerous situation & it was agreed that a trim would be carried out. A few days later I went to see what had been done Well! The trim was a joke just a few branches cut back; however in all fairness the dropped curb area was fully cleared back.

However, I felt that more needed to be done to make this footpath safer for everyone which included the disabled, mothers & children & the public. Having failed in my attempt to get this work done I contacted UKIP Councillor Dave Bell to ask for his help to get this matter sorted out. Unbelievable, Dave was met with a brick wall & fobbed off with all sorts of excuses.

By now Dave & I were getting just a little fed up with this lack of will to do anything about this unacceptable situation. Time for firmer action. Dave then took this matter up at a higher lever & lo & behold a work team was sent out to do a major CUT BACK. Over a two-day period, a major cut back took place & Dave & I went along to thank the workmen for their efforts.

The question here is what do we pay our Council Tax for (oh dear I’ve become one of those I’m a taxpayer moaners) but what are we paying our Council Tax for these days?

Anyway, the shambles of the brambles have been resolved, thank-you Dave, & we have been promised that Cherrywood Rd will now be maintained. Watch this space.

Martyn Marsh

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