Thursday, 5 January 2017

Garden Villages

So, the government has just announced new 'Garden Villages' or in other words more urban sprawl to meet our ever growing over population needs. What is very worrying is that some of the sites chosen are in the Green Belt, but will it stop there, how long before anywhere is fair game for building on.

In Hampshire 6000 new homes are planned for a site at Welborne north of Fareham. Closer to Rushmoor and just over the border in Surrey a garden village is also being planned for the former DERA site at Longcross. The location at Longcross will be familiar to many as it sits on both sides of the M3 and is currently being used as a film studio. A development of 200 houses is already underway on the north side of the M3 and further housing is now being planned for the south side of the M3 with the total number of homes possibly exceeding 1000. Part of the development is on former green belt land.

With the ever growing need for more building land it raises an interesting question about the future of local parks & open spaces. I didn't realise that local councils are under no legal obligation to protect these areas & as our area is in the throws of a house building explosion how long will it be before eyes turn towards these sites? Now, many will say that it will never happen but then who ever thought that Army land in Aldershot would become one large housing estate, who ever thought that the RAE would become in part a housing estate.

We are now reaping the disastrous policy decision by the last Labour government of unlimited immigration & the total failure of the last & current Tory government to also control immigration.

This year sees local County Council elections. Just ask the Tories one simple question 'will they ever allow house building on our parks & open spaces' & then look to see if they have their fingers crossed when they answer you!    

Martyn Marsh

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  1. Also in the local area, there is a proposal to build on the airfield at Fairoaks. This is not part of the governments Garden Villages scheme (for now at least). What would happen to the jobs of the people who work there is not clear.