Thursday, 30 March 2017

March Branch Meeting

The meeting was held on the 27th March.

The meeting was opened with Gill Bailey as chairman and briefly discussed the recent departure of Douglas Carswell. Although there were concerns that this represented bad press for UKIP, it was thought that this would lead to the NEC becoming more harmonious which would be good for UKIP.

There was then (unusually) a vote on whether branch meeting should spend more time discussing national issues. The meeting voted in favour of more national politics, although a minority thought that there was no need to change. Later in the meeting Mark Staplehurst explained that he voted against because he thoght that the local issues were more important. He quoted one of the residents in his ward, who said "I would never normally vote UKIP, but I am voting for you because you look after the residents interests.

There was a long discussion about the upcoming elections on the 4th of May. Among other things, this covered the usual topic of volunteers for leafleting and canvassing. The list of UKIP candidates will be announced next week, so watch this space!

Moving on to local issues, Mark Staplehurst gave an update on the Number 9 bus, the planning application for development of The Crescent and finding funding for a barrier on Maple Close. Dave Bell discussed the Moor Park redevelopment and the waste handling contract awarded to Serco. There were questions from the floor about Rushmoor setting up a development company and the proposals for replacement of the community centre (this will be announced in the next two months). 

There was also a suggestion that this blog should write about the Cabinet system and how it works in local government. Again, watch this space.

To round off the evening, there was tea and chocolate cake.

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