Monday, 24 April 2017

Candidate Trouble (but not for UKIP)

You might think that being able to decide when to call elections would be a useful advantage for a political party. In fact you might expect that a party with that advantage would have it's candidates already lined up before announcing elections. However if you thought that, it seems that you would be wrong.

Apparently according to this story on the Conservative Home website, the local Conservative party is arguing with Central Headquarters over their candidate for the Parliamentary Constituency. The local party wants Dan Hannan. Given that Dan has been one of the most eloquent exponents of Brexit this seems like a sound choice. However CCHQ have not put him on the Aldershot shortlist.

Sadly the Conservative Party is not as democratic as it used to be. Local associations now have much less say over which candidate stands where. The short timetable for this election has also been used as a reason to change the rules and centralise power further.

Meanwhile, the battle for the Farnborough South county council seat looks interesting. Longstanding Conservative councillor John Wall has been deselected and is fighting the seat as an independent. It seems that, among other things, John has expressed some politically incorrect views. Given the flimsy nature of the allegations, one has to wonder whether there are other agendas at work here.

Ken McNair

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