Thursday, 27 April 2017

Farnborough North Campaign

Farnborough North canvassing is going well. We are up against very strong opposition from our rivals, so every vote counts. On Tuesday 25th we will be painting the area purple by putting up our banners and boards. 
We are noticing a new group of voters joining UKIP supporters, young people with children or with elderly relatives are interested in the work that UKIP has done trying to protect children's Sure Start services and also trying to save Elderly Care Social services. Cuts to these services are starting to seriously affect people and the Conservatives have no answer on the door step.
In Farnborough North UKIP were within 100 votes of winning the division in 2013. We will continue canvassing right up until the 4th May to ensure that those missing 100 are found to ensure success.

My thanks to The Ship Inn Farnborough for putting up a banner for me in Farnborough North. Make sure you reward them by popping in next time you want a pint (or two). This is now our official UKIP pub, enjoy.

Dave Bell

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