Friday, 28 April 2017

Local Education Policy

One of the key concerns throughout the years and brought to forefront in the referendum was the education of children and their ability to compete on a world stage and having the skill-sets to be able live, work and thrive in Britain. It is shameful that government still has not listened to parents and business who have complained for years over the quality of education.

It is somehow ironic that MP's send their children to independent schools as they value their children's education where costs are a minimum £5000 per term (£15000 per year) for primary education and £7500 per term (£22500) for secondary education. For those not so privileged whose children go to state education in Hampshire the local authority average grant per year in 2015/2016 to schools was £4,329.00 per pupil for Primary education and £5,483.00 for secondary education almost 2/3s less that a private education.

From the CBI education and skills survey 2016 "The quality of our education system in the UK is the single biggest long-term factor in determining the success of our economy and society. Our international competitors are constantly pushing up levels of attainment in their schools. First the UK must close the gap with other leading nations and then maintain a position as one of the global leaders in school systems. As the political and economic landscape of the UK alters, it is more important than ever that the UK education system supports us all to compete effectively

But even now they are cutting this small sum for our local schools. How do we expect our children to ever compete in this world let alone live and thrive in Britain if the government will not invest in our future? Not only do I believe the cuts should be reversed but the budget increased by 50% to attract talented Teachers to Hampshire schools and raise education standards for all. More high standard teachers need to be trained and brought through the system making teaching a profession rather than a vocation.In Finland where education is recognised as best in the world teachers are educated to Masters degree and only the proficient teachers are accepted into the education profession. Grammar schools are not the answer in our area, most mainstream schools already stream children by academic ability but we need to do more on technical ability and most of all give children a holistic experience in school where skills are combined in the areas of academic,spiritually and vocationally forming part of a community and showing self confidence and strong self-esteem. This is essential to be given as a whole to a child as life is all encompassing and children need to be well rounded and able stand up on their own 2 feet in this world.

Below is a list of cuts to local schools from a website developed by the National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, to call on the Government to take immediate action to protect our children’s education. I have grouped by ward:

Simon Austridge

West Heath
Manor infant school down £284 per pupil loss of 2 teachers
Cove Junior school down £108 per pupil loss of 1 teacher
Cove infant school down £424 per pupil loss of 2 teachers
St Bernadette's Catholic school  down £287 per pupil loss of 3 teachers

Cove and Southwood

Southwood Infant school loss of £372 per pupil  loss of 2 teachers
Tower Hill Primary School loss of £369 per pupul loss of 3 teachers

St Johns
Cove secondary school down £297 per pupil loss of 8 teachers
Parsonage Farm Nursery school down £429 per pupil loss of 2 teachers

Cherrywood ward
Farnborough 6th Form down £362 per pupil loss of 35 teachers

Grange infant school down £632 per pupil loss of 3 teachers
Grange Community Junior school will  down £607 pupil loss of 4 teachers
Cherrywood primary school down £589 loss of 3 teachers

Fernhill Ward
Fernhill Primary school down £378 per pupil loss of 7 teachers
Pinewood Infant school down £1193 per pupil loss of 3 teachers
Guillemont Junior school down £84 per pupil loss of 1 teacher

South Farnborough Junior School down £130 per pupil loss of 1 teacher

St Marks 
South Farnborough Infants school down £202 per pupil loss of 2 teachers
St Marks church of England aided primary school down £445 per pupil loss of 1 teacher
The Wavell school down £366 per pupil loss of 10 teachers
Marlborough Infant school down £854 per pupil loss of 3 teachers

Wellington Primary School  down £461 per pupil loss of 5 teachers

Manor Park
St Josephs Catholic Primary school down £219 per pupil loss of 3 teachers
St Michaels Church of England infant school down £335 per pupil loss of 3 teachers
St Michaels Church of England junior school down £300 per pupil loss of 3 teachers

Aldershot Park 
Park Primary school down £598 per pupil loss of 4 teachers
The Connaught school down £639 per pupil loss of 10 teachers * will be merged into Alderwood school

North Town
Newport Junior school down £325 per pupil loss of 3 teachers * will be merged into Alderwood schoolBelle Vue infants down £244 per pupil loss of 2 teachers * will be merged into Alderwood school

Talavera Junior School down £464 per pupil loss of 4 teachers

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