Tuesday, 9 May 2017

May Branch Meeting

The most recent Branch Meeting was held on the 8 May 2017

The meeting opened after what had been a disappointing week for UKIP, with the loss of the Farnborough West County Council seat. Although the local campaign had gone well, it had not been possible to overcome the national trend. Gill thanked Mark Staplehurst for working as a County Council and Mark in turn thanked everyone who had supported him and the other candidates.

The main business of the evening was to plan for the General Election. Roy Swales, our candidate, started by asking everyone whether they wanted to go ahead with contesting the seat and the meeting was unanimous in supporting this.

The Meeting moved on to consider the strategy and local issues that would come up durng the campaign. It was noted that the selected Conservative candidate was not Dan Hannan as originally requested by the local branch. Also it was agreed that the Conservatives tended to stick to the partys's national policy; UKIP therefore had an advantage when it came to campaigning on local issues like buses, schools and health centres.

The logistical issues of leaflets distribution, letters to voters and canvassing were then discussed at some length before the usual tea and biscuits to close.

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