Monday, 17 July 2017

Kipper Central

This blog has been around for over a year, but somehow we have only recently discovered it. It is attempting to fill a sorely needed role in UKIP, which is that of a voice independent of the party machine. The Conservatives, for example, have 'Conservative Home' a website which is not afraid to criticise the party leadership when it sees justification (if only they would have listened!).

Three out of four of the lead writers for Kipper Central are under the age of twenty. Sometimes this does show and perhaps adding some more mature writers would provide balance. However it is a rebuff to those who think that the entire membership of UKIP are prone to confuse their membership cards with their free bus pass. We like the name. We like the layout and the presentation. We like the enthusiasm and the willingness to tackle tough subjects. We think this blog has great potential and wish it well for the future.

You can find Kipper Central here.

Ken McNair

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Cuts to services likely in Hampshire

Hampshire County Council has announced a consultation on its budget. The County Council says it will face a budget shortfall of £140 million by April 2019, on top of the £340 million savings already delivered over the last nine years. They say this is due to ongoing national austerity measures; demographic changes reflecting increases in demand for some services; and inflationary pressures.

The consultation is asking for views on a range of options for balancing its budget. These include: Reducing and changing services; Introducing and increasing charges for some services; Lobbying central Government for legislative change; Generating additional income; Using the County Council’s reserves; Increasing Council Tax; and Changing local government arrangements in Hampshire.

Councillor Mark Staplehurst comments that during the 4 years he spent as a County Councillor he warned residents that there would be more and more cuts to services, hikes in Council tax and many more services incurring ever increased charges. He now fears that these warnings are being proved correct. The Tory Councils, in Rushmoor and in Winchester, bribed the residents with 5 years of Council Tax freezes, which has had the effect of virtually crippling the public services. Now there are massively cut front line services in all areas. In particular the Policing of our area is affected. The roads are a disgrace, with ever increasing numbers of pot holes and repairs needed. There are also cuts to Adults services and children’s services. The disabled are told they have to forego their Blue badges rendering them housebound and there are no funding streams for SEN children, so families are forced to do what they can for their children, often having to give up work and living on the breadline. Care homes are a disgrace with Vivid (First Wessex) constantly reducing the services, and now potentially charging residents who have mobility scooters to charge them up!

Mark questions what the Tory County Councillors are doing in response, but says that they nowhere to be seen. The Conservative Council are only following the guidelines from the morally bankrupt national party who deem it more important to build more and more flats creating more and more congestion and creating a burden on existing struggling services in the NHS, Schools and Surgeries.

As this is going to consultation, Mark asks that people stop acting like sheep and respond to it on how they really feel. He fears that if the Tory County Council get their way we will get increases in council Tax, increases in Charges for existing free services, further reduction in Police numbers, and even more reduction in front line and essential services (Adult and Children’s services).

You can respond to the consultation online here.

Ken McNair

Friday, 7 July 2017

West Heath Roundabout Chaos

West Heath roundabout has become dangerous to navigate with road users ignoring 2 no entry signs bollards and the road works and driving into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the carriageway. The drivers are then forced to do a multi-point turn in order to access the correct flow of traffic leaving traffic jams blocking up the roundabout at rush hour.

Current roadworks leave the road available for exit from the West Heath roundabout only NOT entry from West Heath Road, there are No Entry signs and cones blocking the road for a reason and not to be ignored.

West Heath UKIP councillors Mark Staplehurst and Dave Bell have been working with the police,Rushmoor, Hampshire County Council and contractors to resolve the problem, the police will be out enforcing the area and charging anyone who continues to break the law. The roundabout junction will be re-closed off as there is already a temporary closure order in force.

This is a county council issue but the conservative County and local councillor for West Heath/Farnborough West does not seem to be involved (maybe because he does not live in West Heath or Farnborough West).

Simon Austridge