Monday, 17 July 2017

Kipper Central

This blog has been around for over a year, but somehow we have only recently discovered it. It is attempting to fill a sorely needed role in UKIP, which is that of a voice independent of the party machine. The Conservatives, for example, have 'Conservative Home' a website which is not afraid to criticise the party leadership when it sees justification (if only they would have listened!).

Three out of four of the lead writers for Kipper Central are under the age of twenty. Sometimes this does show and perhaps adding some more mature writers would provide balance. However it is a rebuff to those who think that the entire membership of UKIP are prone to confuse their membership cards with their free bus pass. We like the name. We like the layout and the presentation. We like the enthusiasm and the willingness to tackle tough subjects. We think this blog has great potential and wish it well for the future.

You can find Kipper Central here.

Ken McNair

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