Friday, 7 July 2017

West Heath Roundabout Chaos

West Heath roundabout has become dangerous to navigate with road users ignoring 2 no entry signs bollards and the road works and driving into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the carriageway. The drivers are then forced to do a multi-point turn in order to access the correct flow of traffic leaving traffic jams blocking up the roundabout at rush hour.

Current roadworks leave the road available for exit from the West Heath roundabout only NOT entry from West Heath Road, there are No Entry signs and cones blocking the road for a reason and not to be ignored.

West Heath UKIP councillors Mark Staplehurst and Dave Bell have been working with the police,Rushmoor, Hampshire County Council and contractors to resolve the problem, the police will be out enforcing the area and charging anyone who continues to break the law. The roundabout junction will be re-closed off as there is already a temporary closure order in force.

This is a county council issue but the conservative County and local councillor for West Heath/Farnborough West does not seem to be involved (maybe because he does not live in West Heath or Farnborough West).

Simon Austridge

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