Thursday, 7 September 2017

Democracy in the Conservative Party?

As a follow up to our previous posts regarding selection of the Conservative candidate for Aldershot (see here and here), it is interesting to see some further details of the story emerge. I have lifted the quote below directly from the Conservative Home website.

"In effect this was a huge centralisation of power over [candidate] selections – one of the most valued powers which normally sits with [Conservative] Associations and members, but which had already been eroded somewhat in the Cameron era. The special rules supposedly provided for consultation with senior officers of the local Association when shortlisting or imposing a candidate, but experience proved this to be lip-service at best. When Associations made clear requests for someone to be shortlisted – most notably when Aldershot asked for Daniel Hannan – their request was “noted”, but then ignored. Those who threatened to reject all three of CCHQ’s suggestions were first pressured subtly, being told they would have to do so with the candidates present, on the night, and then bluntly, being told that if they did then CCHQ would impose one of them anyway."

You can read the full article by Mark Wallace here.

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