Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Chris Harding - Standing in West Heath

I have lived in Rushmoor with my family for over 24 years. I have held several senior management positions within the hospitality industry, including the Armed Forces, airline industry and several Olympic games. In Iraq I was a project manager with the Coalition Armed Forces, where I was decorated for bravery. As your Councillor I promise you, I will deliver the same enthusiasm on local issues as Mark Staplehurst, and not the policies dictated by central office.

I have personal experience in many areas and I will campaign for:

Better Social services. I am the legal guardian to both my autistic brother and my sister who has severe learning difficulties, I understand and appreciate why we need to look after our vulnerable residents and elderly, by supporting our dedicated social workers and carers.

Our local NHS services. My wife is a senior sister at Frimley Park Hospital A&E Dept, so I have a deep understanding of the support required to protect our local NHS services and staff.

True affordable housing. My daughter is a nurse, and as a father I witness her struggle to find an affordable home in Farnborough for herself and her two daughters on her NHS salary.

Our veterans. As a decorated veteran I believe we owe a high debt to our Armed Forces, we need to support their families when they leave the military. We must never allow a veteran to be homeless, especially veterans suffering from PTSD and mental illness.

Road repairs. I live near West Heath roundabout. How can the Conservatives expect to reduce local pollution and improve our health by asking residents to leave their cars at home and cycle more, only for residents to play dodgems with pot holes in West Heath?

Local charities and voluntary groups. I am the UK representative for the Australian Bravery Association, l work closely with our UK sister organisation Gallantry Medallist League whose charity work includes working with people who risk their lives for others. Using my experience I have helped and advised local residents on their important local charities.

Chris Harding

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