Thursday, 19 April 2018

Jenny Parsons - Standing in Cove and Southwood

As a mother of 4 children and survivor of domestic abuse, I have a vested interest in local services for women and children. A one-stop-shop is needed for victims of abuse to go to for real help and advice. Children's services need to grow instead of being cut back.

Roads all across the country have been damaged further by the recent adverse weather conditions. I may not be able to fix the whole country but I would start to campaign for the repairs in Cove and Southwood.

Keeping the bus services running in Southwood seems to be always an ongoing battle that needs to be fought on behalf of the residents, especially the elderly and the young, both needing a means of getting out into the town centre.

I appreciate the importance of communication with residents and as such I would at least respond to residents' enquiries in a timely manor. Before all else it is important for residents to be heard and action to be taken to make a better Rushmoor.

Jenny Parsons

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