Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Brexit means Brexit (or not as the case may be)
- a letter to Leo Docherty MP

Dear Leo

Firstly let me take the opportunity to thank you for your recent efforts to campaign for fairer legal treatment for servicemen past and present. I know how important this is to many in the local area.

I shall admit up front that I am a member of UKIP and I hope you will not hold that against me too much.

Until last Friday the Prime Minister had maintained a consistent (if somewhat ambiguous) platform in regards to Brexit. She campaigned to be the leader of your party. She set out a programme as Prime Minister. She then campaigned in a General Election. Throughout this period she said that we would leave the single market, that we would leave the customs union, that there would be an end to freedom of movement and that "Brexit would mean Brexit". Her mandate to govern is based on what she has promised the nation during the last two years.

However, last week the Prime Minister announced a harmonised common rulebook, a facilitated customs agreement and a mobility framework. It takes little analysis to uncover that these are in fact the single market, the customs union and freedom of movement. Brexit now means tweaking a few rules and carrying on as before.

I am tempted to think that Theresa May is a devious machiavellian schemer. In the aftermath of the referendum did she hatch a plan to promise Brexit and then reverse course when it would be too late for anyone to object? On reflection I fear the truth is that she is unable to make any decisions for herself and is entirely reliant on whichever of her advisers has spoken to her most recently. Whichever may be true, you can not allow this woman to remain in power at such a critical time for the nation.

Let me be blunt, if the Conservative party wishes to remain in power then it must retain the confidence of the voters. If the voters believe that the Conservative party has been intentionally disingenuous with its promises, or that it lacks the commitment to implement its strategy, then it will be a long time before it wins another election. I am unclear why the Conservatives would want to implement a plan to revive the electoral fortunes of UKIP but it seems that the leader of your party is doing just that. Indeed as I am writing this to you, an e-mail has arrived from Gerard Batten saying that UKIP membership is growing by 1000 a week and that our poll ratings are starting to recover.

I will be happy to see UKIP doing well but I will be even happier if you take this opportunity away from us and do what is right for the nation. I think the first step must be to elect a new leader for your party.

yours sincerely

Ken McNair

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