Sunday, 23 September 2018

September Branch Meeting

The meeting was held on the evening of Monday the 17th and it was encouraging to see that there were six new members present at the meeting.

Gill Bailey chaired the meeting and provided feedback on a visit to Rushmoor Council which was made by several members. One item of news is that The Elles Hall building (where we meet) will be closing at the end of the year. The council does have plans for a new centre although the timescale for this is unclear.

The lack of progress on Brexit and what we can do locally to help was discussed. Gill had been to a meeting with Gerard Batten and he emphasised that money, votes and membership are the things to matter to politicians. They do not see anything else as a threat. So building up UKIP's funds, voteshare and members are the main way to put pressure on our MPs. The mess caused by the proposed Chequers deal is making voters more receptive to UKIP again.

To make people aware of what UKIP is doing, it is planned to distribute "The Outpost" newspaper locally. This is produced by UKIP's Surrey branch but is broadly relevant to the area. Some other leafleting is also intended.

There was a long discussion about Tommy Robinson and whether or not he should be allowed to join UKIP as a member. It is fair to say that the meeting was split on this with some enthusiastic that he should join and others determined that he should not.

However everyone did agree that the cake which appeared with the cups of tea, was very good.

Ken McNair

PS: In the event the UKIP conference, which was held the following weekend, did not debate a motion about Tommy Robinson's membership. Perhaps we should have avoided the topic after all.

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