Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Wokingham Branch Meeting

A UKIP meeting was held in Wokingham on the 17th of November in order to relaunch the branch in that area. Your intrepid reporter went along just to hear David Kurten speaking.

Paul Chapman opened the meeting to introduce himself and set out the need to revive the branch. He then went on to describe some great techniques for winding up your political opponents; although perhaps it is best that we do not publish them.

Toby Mickelthwaite from Surrey then talked about how to make campaigning more fun. Who would have thought that working on the sunny side of the street would guarantee a better response? This was one of many tips.

Finally the star speaker was David Kurten (London Assembly Member) and he talked about UKIP being for "Brexit and Beyond". The aim being not just to extricate Britain from the EU, but also to restore our society where it has gone wrong. David talked in particular about how cultural Marxism has infiltrated our schools and universities and what can be done to restore pride in our country and its history.

After the formal part of the meeting closed, the local members took the opportunity to discuss the way forward.

Ken McNair